Kursty Groves is a designer, innovation consultant, presenter and author. In her recent book, I Wish I Worked There! - A Look Inside the Most Creative Spaces in Business, Kursty takes a unique and privileged view behind the scenes of 20 famous global brands. Never before has a title looked specifically at how the working environment fosters the flow of ideas from both practical and emotional perspectives - with business results.

Whilst researching this book, Kursty learned that even the most creative organisations still need to go off-site for inspiration and has since launched creative venue finder www.spacehopper.com.

Kursty is the designer of an award-winning bicycle, inventor of the 'Techno-bra', and a double-canopy umbrella that doesn't blow inside-out.

A self-initiated not-for-profit project with education authorities to boost creativity in Design & Technology at Key Stage 3/4 in the English National Curriculum was acknowledged through an invitation by the Queen, with 300 select guests to attend a celebration of British Design at Buckingham Palace in 2004.

Kursty routinely delivers high-energy motivating speeches about innovation and creativity to audiences from 20 to 1000 people and has appeared in locations from Dubai, Moscow, Sydney, Seoul, to Burton-on-Trent. Her experience includes designing & running creativity workshops and coaching senior executives around innovation culture issues.

Kursty has taken her experience to a wider audience through broadcasting, and her credits include: BBC's That's Genius! (including a live final) in 2003, Young Foresight (2004), Teachers' TV (2006), Channel Four's Design Challenge (2000), and has appeared as a judge on Tomorrow's World Roadshow (2001).

I Wish I Worked There!: A Look Inside the Most Creative Spaces in Business.Kursty Groves, Edward Denison (Photographer) with Will Knight
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